Traditional Massage

traditionele-massageTraditional Massage

Indonesian traditional massage is especially known by Javanese & Balinese massage and is comparable with  Ayurvedish massage. It is going back in the time almost as far as Chinese massage and is from origin an oil based massage therapy. It is a collective noun for all kind of old therapeutic technics with enormous variations.

In Indonesian traditional massage therapy dominate the push technics, which have a deep penetration to alleviate muscle- and jointpains. It is a very old system of treatment, which trust on balanced pressure massage to remove the triggerpoints in the tissues, while pursue harmony of body, mind and soul.

It gives an intense stimulation of the soft tissue. Our technics have effect especially on the joints of the muscles – the myofascia and the tendons. It is a highly effective treatment for sport injuries.

Special therapeutic oil is used for Indonesian massage, which has an auspicious effect on the circulation in the body and the lymphen system by releasing their regenerative and self-healing forces.

The Indonesian massage is done while the patient either lies down on a massage table or sits on a chair. If desired, the patient can lie down on the carpet on the floor.

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