The Huis van Jade Wellness Praktijk treats patients during working days (monday till friday) from 9 – 18 hour for a standard tariff:

  • 40 euro (30 minutes)
  • 80 euro (60 minutes)
  • 120 euro (90 minutes)

It is also possible to make an appointment in the evening or in the weekend.
For an appointment in the evening or in the weekend 25% extra is charged.
Evening and weekend tariff:

  • 50 euro (30 minutes)
  • 100 euro (60 minutes)
  • 150 euro (90 minutes)

The first appointment consist of an intake followed by the first treatment. The first appointment takes about 1.5 hour.

Invoice and payment

After each treatment you will receive an invoice. Please, always add the invoice number during the payment of the invoice. VAT will not be charged. The health insurance never pays the invoice direct to Huis van Jade. You always have to pay the invoice to Huis van Jade and sent the invoice to the health insurance.


Per 1 september 2016 the invoice can be paid directly with iDEAL!
The invoice can also be paid to bankaccount number NL 07 ABNA 0513868992 of Huis van Jade.

Health Insurances

Most heatlth insurances pay the treatments (often to a maximum amount per day and per year). Please, check your insurance for the actual amount.

The Profesional organisation of Zhong mentions the allowances of most of the Insurance companies (See “vergoedingen” on the Zhong website).