Scenar Therapy


Scenar Therapy

Scenar therapy is a non invasive method to aim the self-healing ability of the body upon the functional complaints and pathologies. Scenar means Self Controlled Energo Neuro Adaptive Regulation. Instead of isolating and suppressing the symptoms, the Scenar therapy activates the body to solve the cause of the problem itself. This increases the chance for enduring recovery, strengthens and relaxes the auto-immune system.

Sport & Scenar

In the sport acute and chronic injuries can be treated with Scenar very effective. But not only that, dependent on the knowledge and education of the man or woman who carry out the treatment, Scenar is also useful for other purposes – for example recovery and prevention – and usable on different levels. Worldwide there are very many positive results of the treatments with Scenar.
Scenar technology is a breakthrough in the non-invasive health care. Therapists, doctors and scientific research show that patients recover up to 70% faster by direct interaction with one of the most controlling mechanisms in the human body : nerve reactions.
Scientific research shows that, by a correct stimulus, the human body is able to collect more recovering resources to accelerate the recovery of chronic pains, diseases and other injuries. RITM Scenar technology and RITM treatment protocols are designed to advance this process and to achieve a quicker result than most of the other therapies.


During the development of the Ritmscenar technology in the years 80, protocols are developed, tested thoroughfully and improved. These protocols are nowadays easy to learn and to apply.
Scenar technology has interaction with the nerve system of the human body. It is applied to help the human body to independently cure itself from complaints and injuries. Specific protocols are part of our trainingsprogram to achieve faster recovery within the areas of Pain Management, Injury recovery and by the recovery of chronic diseases.
The Scenar method, like the Ritmedic Scenar institute teaches, is succesful in practice by fysiotherapists, doctors in clinics and hospitals and by (naturapathy) therapists. Our base model can also be used by the patient to reduce the pain or as an addition during a series of treatments.

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