Acupuncture is part of the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCG/TCM). Acupuncture recovers disturbances in the energy system by remove blockades in the energyflows by using thin needles. Hereby are the needles put at the so called acupuncture points in the body. It can heal the cause of an injury or reduce and take away the symptoms as pain and tiredness. This method exists more than 2500 years and is very tight coupled to the Chinese philosophy.


This technic solves the stagnation or congestion in the muscular tissue by using balls of glass to create vacuum. Ideal for stuck muscles, pain in the back or other kind of pain.


Moxa is derived from the Japanse word ‘mogusa’ or ‘mo kusa’ meaning “herb on fire”. In Dutch we call the herb ‘bijvoet’ (Artemisia vulgaris). A characteric feature of moxa is that when you put it on fire, it slowly burns and gives a lot of heat. The infrared radiation is pleasant and beneficial and is used therapeutic by cold patrons, by pain complaints and to strenghten the immume system. From a distance the moxa sigar is aimed on for example acu-points or moved slowly along a meridian.

The patient senses the warmth on these points. Sometimes the moxa is burned together with a piece of ginger or the moxa is burned at the end of a acupunture needle.

The warmth is absorbed by the body and drive away the cold and damp. Also with inflammations which are hard to remove, I use moxa around the area of the inflammation. This is done to get a better flow around the inflammation. By spreading out the source of the inflammation, the body can solve it better.


Elektro Acupuncture is an interessanting add-on for the other forms of acupunture. This is done by putting a low intense current on the needles, which could result in better therapeutic effects in some cases.

Especially by pain treatment, the Elektro Acupuncture is a beautiful gain. This form of acupuncture is often used for difficult to treat painsyndromes and also for the treatment of paralysis after a stroke.

The treatment will take 30 till 45 minutes, afterthat the effect of Elektro Acupunctur should be noticed immediately. For direct soothing a current of 100 Hertz is used. However, after the stimulation with this frequency, the pain often comes back. When using 2 Hertz the soothing will take longer, but the soothing does not take place direct. That is why the combination of 100 Herz and 2 Herz is the optimal treatment of pain complaints. Academic anesthesists sometimes are using this method too, but they call it subcutane elektrostimulation.

Prof.dr. Han did much research to the effects of Elektro Acupuncture by using both frequencies in turn. This technic has the effect of achieving direct soothing and the soothing stays longer.


Laser Acupuncture emits infrared laserbeams via optical fibers. The optical fibers are put just above the acupuncture point, such that the skin is not entered. This also gives the possibility to treat more frequent, for example in case of sport injuries or problems with the skin.

This form is especially suitable for kids.

The biggest difference between Laser Acupuncture and the classic needles is the constant stimulus during the treatment.

With the classic needle acupuncture the maximum intensity is reached by entering the skin with the needle, after that the effect decreases gradually. With Laser Acupuncture the intensity keeps constant during the treatment.

Important point: Laser Acupuncture does not harm the tissue of the body and is non-invasive. That’s why it is an ideal solution for people with fear for needles and children.

Nowadays, many orthopedic, medical, neurological and psychosomatic complaints are treated successfully with Laser Acupuncture.


By this treatment a special guasha oil is put on the skin. On the one side the oil is used for protection, such that the skin is not damaged, on the other side it is used for its composition. This Guasha oil consists of a diversity of chinese herbs. Every herb has its own effect (like relaxation, detoxification, warmth, ..) It is not good to use an arbitrary oil, because other oils have different compositions, which can cause different reactions inside the body. In the past in the countries like Cambodja, Laos, etc, they often used water, vegetable oils, juices and even wine.

On the skin where the oil has been put, the therapist starts to “scrape” with a special scraper. The scraper is made of jade, horn or metal. The skin becomes red and on the places where there are blockades (waste) “contusions” (sha) appear in the skin (not on the skin) with the colour varying from deep red till purple. The colour of the sha determines if the stagnation is a recent one or if the stagnation is chronical. The darker the color, the more chronical it is. The color can vary from light red, red, till dark red and blue, purple or even black. If the person has a normal condition, the red parts disappear completely within 3 till 7 days.

If a person takes the treatment with guasha more ofter, the red spots become less and less, which means that the body becomes healthy again.

Scraping together with the working of the oil results in detoxification of the body. It is advisable to drink extra water after the treatment!!

Guasha is applicable for more than 400 complaints/diseases. It can be used as for prevention or to resolve a complaint or alleviate a disease.

The list of complaints/diseases which could be treated with Guasha is too long to describe but this is a good start:

  • All painsyndroms
  • Neck- and Shoulder complaints
  • Headaches and migraine
  • Back complaints
  • RSI
  • Stress, Burn-out
  • Reumatic disease
  • Asthma
  • Digestion disease
  • Metabolism disease
  • High blood pressure
  • Chronic tiredness

As we have described, guasha is often applicable for physical complaints and these physical complaints are removed and the body revitalises. Our body becomes more vital because there is now a better flow of blood and energy, because the waste have been cleaned up. Also our nerve system will function better because of this.

And just because we get a better flow of blood and energy and because the nerve system starts to function better, our whole body revitales and also our mental part. Guasha causes also some kind of tickle by mental blockades which has the effect of some kind of self-reflection and self-awareness.

Hope to see you by the Huis van Jade Wellness Praktijk.